The light rail transit connecting Beijing to Yanjiao is a boost to the urbanization process of Yanjiao. Driven by the radiating effect of the integrated transportation network, it has grown into a large modern satellite town of Beijing. Situated in the gateway of Yanjiao public transit network, Great Mall of China will certainly bring rapid and impressive economic growth to Yanjiao, Hebei and China.


As The First Large-scale integrated mixed development in Beijing and Bohai Economic Zone, Great Mall of China is one-stop lifestyle center set to cater the needs of entertainment, leisure, shopping, dining, working facilities and hotel accommodation for everyone in the district.

Great Mall of China has successfully restructured the traditional small and medium business models into a dynamic mixed integrated development in Yanjiao district, providing an all-in-one upscale facility in the proximity with vast selection of specialty stores and restaurants including some international renowned brand names, creating countless job opportunities at the same time. Great Mall of China enjoys tremendous traffic flow with its strategic location, scale and vast selection, therefore, creating unlimited business opportunities.


  • World largest integrated mixed development: Combining shopping mall, hotel, office, aquarium, theatre, cinemas, conference and exhibition centre, indoor theme parks in one place.
  • Extensive Car Parking Facilities: Level 1 is allocated as the car park, in addition to a multi-level car park building, with a total of approximately 16,000 parking lots, providing its visitors great convenience.
  • Engaging in World renowned consultancy firm: Great Mall of China is designed by famous international consultants spanning firm. Architectural to construction creating the best for its customers ensuring innovative, practical and effective solutions for the Great Mall of China. This will create vibrant business opportunities to its tenants and investors.


Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and the stresses and pressures of urban living every day, all year round at the Great Mall of China where 3 unique indoor theme parks await to whisk you and your family away to pure, adrenaline fueled FUN.

Ride China's highest and fastest coasters and revel in the constant temperate climate of the indoor Water Park all year round.

The parks have been specifically designed by renowned foreign experts to be linked seamlessly by one common narrative so that visitors can plunge into and thoroughly immerse themselves in this magical, fantastical world.

One day in the theme parks of the Great Mall and you will completely lose yourself...and gain the world.


With its vibrant and fun-filled themed parks, Great Mall of China is dedicated to the vision of becoming a source of joy and inspiration for its visitors.

Featuring various rides and entertainment at our theme parks, each boosting its own attractions, created through scientific planning and unique theming, and enhanced with sounds and lights design, be prepared to a day of fun-filled encounter to be remembered at the Great Mall of China

  • There's The First Dive Pretzel Coaster in the world (track measuring 620m, with an incredible speed at 110km/hr).
  • The Best Indoor Drop Tower (with a height of 53m) in China at the Great Mall of China's Indoor Theme Park.

Treat your senses to the most exciting and captivating theme park experience yet created.


Great Mall of China is designed by a team of international acclaimed architects. Its extensive exterior and interior design features world class caliber architectures, creating a lasting impression to all. The five main buildings are differentiated by green, blue, golden yellow, red and orange color, representing growth, purity, happiness, passion, and prestige. With its stunning architecture and distinctive interior, Great Mall of China has established itself as the prominent World's Largest Shopping Mall equivalent to a mixed development project in Beijing.


With the desire to make Great Mall of China a blessing for the eyes, the team of international acclaimed architects has created an innovative and contemporary design that sets it apart from the traditional format of many existing development in the region. The emphasis on "form and function" with effective use of space and design elements, has successfully created an amazing shopping, entertainment, leisure and working experience for it's visitors, making Great Mall of China the "centre-of-gravity" in Beijing.


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